On Planning a Summer Project

On Planning a Summer Project

Summer seems to be a time that many of us (me too) decide to Get Something Done.  If course, I say this at other times during the year, but summer projects seem less stressful because we are outside so much more and don’t have to live within the upheaval (if there is any) indoors.

This year, my own summer will include this:  Completing outside work like driveway resurfacing, servicing the walks and patio, and some lawn repair.  We are also adding in maintenance items indoors.  I’ll have carpets cleaned and can keep my pups away more easily when they can be outside, right?  And, of course, we’ll have windows washed, too.

My other plan is to assemble my list of “Things to Do” for inside.  It will include some painting and some new carpeting.  As I mosey through each room of the house, I will make notes that are more detailed than the ones already in my head.  Then I will sit down and organize my list:  I’ll separate the list by Project rather than Room.  My list isn’t so long or complicated, but if yours is long, it’s pretty sensible to make carpeting a separate project from reupholstering or painting.  This works so well if you think you will be able to tackle a middle-sized or larger project.  And, by default, purging and reorganizing becomes part of a new project.  (At least it does for me.)

It is much easier to have a contractor (a GC or subcontractor or other “specialist”) quote a wider-ranging job.  If they can bid on more rather than less, they can look at everything at the same time and give you the information to truly organize your thinking and your costs.  Also, it might give you a way to negotiate a reduced price for more work.  If you will be painting and re-carpeting a few rooms, doing the painting as one part and the carpet as another might save you some cash.  Carpeting is a bit like moving, right?  But painting is disruptive in a way that you can leave more of your stuff alone, except what’s on the walls and up against the walls! This approach can also help you build relationships with vendors that can last a Long Time and serve you well for future work.

And, from a Designer’s Point-of-View, the choices you make for the whole house should work better together if you think of more spaces at the same time.  This approach will work to give you more to work with on the items and projects that follow.

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