8 Reasons You Need a Professional Interior Designer

8 Reasons You Need a Professional Interior Designer

Here!  These are eight of the many reasons that you need to find and work with a Real Design Professional:

1.  You don’t know really what you need to do to get a project started, but you know it’s time to Do Something.

A Professional Designer can--and will--guide you through the project from measuring the space(s) to framing your high school diploma

2.  You don’t know where to look for anything or how to find the right workmen.

A designer will have sources for not only furnishings, but also tradesmen to fit you needs and your budget (general contractors, painters, upholsterers, et al).

3.  You can’t visualize or picture what it will look like when It’s done.

Don’t worry, Designers can…they have to.  And he/she should present you with a scale drawing that will show you where things go and how it fits, plus photos and samples of all kinds of items you may select.

4.  Too much stuff in the stores and you don’t have the patience to look at it all.

A Professional Designer will probably not take you to regular stores.  They are often not a good value.  A Designer will find the products for you–perhaps from Trade    sources-- at a realistic budget with (likely) unlimited options that he/she will narrow down for your final selection

5.  You want to know what the best values are.

For this reason, you probably need an independent Professional Designer, not a Decorator in a store.  These Decorators may not have the expertise of an independent Designer.  They are, obviously, tied to a more limited selection of products (what that store sells) and likely for a limited discount.   A Designer will more likely base his/her income more on design fees which are not tied to the cost of what they sell.  There are some Decorators in stores that are very experienced and have studied Interior Design, so check that out, too.

A Designer should save you money.  That can be in the shape of spending less on each item or finding better and faster contractor for less or saving you from very expensive mistakes.

6.     You want it to look like “you”.

Again a Designer should make each home/office/whatever space individual to that client.  Period.  By getting to know you and looking at what you have, and by asking you to save some photos, ads, magazines for perusal, this Designer should make the space fit your personality.

7.     Even after the furniture is ordered, how will you finish the rest of the room?

Back to #1 Most Designers will be able to provide sources for most any part of your project: artwork and framers, rugs and carpet, window and wall coverings, painters, plumbing products and plumbers, floor refinishers and on and on.  He/She will probably have experience with all these sources, too.

Make sure you check out the Designer’s previous work or at least discuss this part thoroughly, but serious, qualified Designers can do the entire project with you.

8.     You don’t have time to keep up with the details.

That’s what Designers spend most of their time doing – finishing up details and keeping up with your purchases and installations from the time you make selling until everything is perfect and you are pleased.

Your Design project should be fun and painless.  Something new is exciting and handing over the parts of it that are more technical and complicated to someone experienced in the world of Design and Remodeling is good sense.




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