10 Items To Remember When Planning a Design Project

10 Items To Remember When Planning a Design Project

If you are planning an Interior Design project, please read this list!

  1. Create a list (or “scope of work”) – complete or even reslistic or not.  It’s a start.
  2. Take abovementioned list and prioritize what’s most urgent.  Ideally, what needs to be done is also what you want to accomplish.  If not, keep that discrepancy in mind.
  3. If you have not done anything for your house in a while, do some research on what these items might likely cost.  Don’t base your budget on what you spent in 1987 or even 2007.
  4. Also, look at some magazines to see what’s in style and easy to find. Styles change and colors go in and out of fashion (no, mauve and gray is NOT “back”, not are avocado and gold, and all the dark, dark browns – especially in metals – are now hard to find.
  5. When you look around or look online for costs, don’t forget that you will likely not be offered an amazing bargain by anyone.
  6. You will get what you pay for.  If you are good with replacing items fairly often, you can set a lower budget.  If you want a sectional sofa for more than about 6 years, it will cost more.
  7. Finding a professional designer is not the same as going into a furniture store and working with a salesperson that calls him or herself a “designer”.  They are salespeople – interested in selling.
  8. Flooring and window coverings can last for years—esp. flooring (not carpet, that’s about 7 years).  These changes will affect what your home looks like as much or more than new furniture.  Ditto with lighting.
  9. Painting?  It’s probably one of the easiest things to change, right?  So it can be fun and a bit trendy.  Make sure that the preparation for the project is properly done.  It’s the most important part of a good paint job.
  10. Accessories and art:  This is the most fun part and you can either buy for the long haul or inexpensively so you can replace stuff often.  There are SO many sources from chain stores, web sites to art fairs (yay summer!!) and serious galleries.

That’s it for now!  These projects are fun to do and good for working with a Design Pro.  If you are prepared when you meet and discuss, it should be realistic to be able to develop a real plan with a real budget to get it done!




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