Happy New Paint Colors for 2016!

 Happy New Paint Colors for 2016!

No, they're not really new!

Pantone has declared 2 pastel colors as their Colors of the Year.  Pantone has influence on advertising, the garment industry, furnishings and, also paint collections.  But, for the past couple of years, Benjamin-Moore, the paint giant, has named their own colors – unrelated to Pantone.  And, this year, Sherwin-Williams, another paint giant has closely matched Benjamin-Moore's choice:

Sherwin Williams' color is:  "Alabaster 7008", which is, Off White, with a bit of a faint beige and a very slightly cool cast.   From Benjamin--Moore, it's "Simply White" which is a teeny bit warm.  Cool tends blue, green, gray…warm tends yellow, orange, beige… but the little bit of color is barely noticeable.  Both tones are part of their standard color-selection books.  I do not know the thought process behind the confluence of these tones, but they will work in much the same way.

Both off-whites will be a very welcome change from the previously promoted odd colors of orange and bright green and that hideous magenta of a few years ago.  It will create a background or (better) gentle contrast for all kinds of neutral colors in both grays and browns and even just slightly darker off-whites. Off –whites and slightly darker neutrals can stand alone or can be blended with blues,  greens, golds,  and all sorts of color.  A beautiful, sophisticated combination could include a few neutrals with gray or

The sofa was selected for wonderful clients many years ago.  Off-white is always in style, even if the shape and style of this piece looks totally retro now.  Every upholstered furniture company will offer white textiles at any time.

There's a strong feeling of Back to Basics with the off-white selections.  There are many B. Moore or S-W off-whites that have a bit of more color, and I totally think that the nudge from these heavy-hitters in the remodeling and design industry is to "go home" and regroup by selecting safe and flexible shades.  There are few homes or businesses I have worked with that have not included some spaces painted in Off-White and there are many, many of them.  Boring depends on what's in the space besides the paint.  Perhaps a contrasting carpet or colorful area rugs... or dark wood blinds…or a custom-looking textile on the sofa, a chair or piles of pillows will take advantage of the basic background.

It will be fun if folks pick up on this and are a bit brave.  Spaces that are too safe with white walls will be a snoozer.  Pick it up out there!




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