2016's "Color of the Year" Is -- Or Are

2016's  "Color of the Year" Is -- Or Are

Yay! It's here for the New Year!! For the first time ever, Pantone has declared 2 colors -- plural – for 2016. Pinky "Rose Quartz" looks just like it sounds, and "Serenity" is light blue with a bit of lavender and gray.
It's a huge change from the colors that I have written about in recent years. Those shades included an orchid purple color, bright green, plumy red, orange and a bright blue. What will this lead to in the Design World? Pantone's selection is not just for design/decorating…it's for linens, bedding and fashion as well.

The Interior Design environment is usually quite slow to change or adjust. Economic changes have much more significant effects on what is promoted and sold as furnishings. In the darker days of the earlier 2000s construction—and the McMansions of the 90's--used SO much brown wood, stone and faucets and brick, that only more brown or shades of beige SEEMED (note that word, please) to work in those environments. In the past couple of years, as the economic climate has brightened, colors and materials have brightened as well.

The colors I've written about in the past (since 2011) have been quite strong. All the shades in this graphic are intense -- except for 2006's "Sand Dollar". And only the colors of 2014 and 15 have created a conversation in rest of the world. Unfortunately for me and other members, the health club to which I belong actually painted a significant portion of their lobby/main entry area "Radiant Orchid" in 2014. And yes, it looks dreadful. It's a Lousy choice for a space that should not exude that kind of personality.

The new 2016 shades have interesting possibilities, primarily because they are soft and subtle. They absolutely are feminine tones. I would not expect a bachelor to decorate a condo in this color combination, but men do wear pastel shirts nowadays. And, these colors can be combined in patterns like geometrics or paisleys to lighten up the heavier dark neutrals of gray and brown. These 2 selections are perfect for balance. And this is true in both décor and fashion. It will also be fun to see if these shades become inseparable or if they are used alone.

In a few weeks or months, if you are inclined to notice (and not everyone does), look around and check out wall colors, patterned items like ties and scarves (for example) -- even stationery and bouquets of flowers. We will see if Pantone leads a color trend for 2016.

Just to make things complicated, major paint manufacturers have now declared their own hip, trendy colors. And, they are not these. More on that next!


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