DIY: Questions to Ask -- Yourself

DIY:  Questions to Ask -- Yourself

What?  You're going to save money by doing it yourself?  All those professional Designer ideas and specialized resources aren't really very important and you can get better prices on your own.  NOT.  Can you find good prices on your own?  Certainly.  If budget is the only or markedly major concern you have for remodeling, completing or furnishing your home, I promise that you can find many, many inexpensive items yourself.

Just spend as much time as you have searching on line and in discount or chain stores and you will find all of these things:  plumbing products, window and floor coverings, furniture of all kinds, wallpaper (if you want it) and loads and lots of accessories, rugs and art. But where will they come from??  On line/a photo?  OK.  But I like seeing anything I can in person before I buy it.

I want to know if the color and the feel of what I buy is as nice as it looks on my screen.  Lots of little flaws will never be seen in a photo of any kind.  How well is the color on your monitor adjusted?  Do you trust it if you could go and see something alternative  in person?

How well is the color adjusted on your monitor, huh?  How If the colors (like for Kohler, American Standard, and Hunter Douglas) can be examined in person before purchased, that can work.  But what about freight and delivery, warranties, returns?  Will your plumber install a toilet that you buy and stand behind it if it breaks?

If the plumber or contractor don't buy your plumbing items, the warranty will not be the same and you will have to pay for their time to fix or reinstall something that you were sure would be a huge bargain. What happens if you go to a paint counter at Sherwin-Williams or Benjamin Moore or any chain like Home Depot or Lowe's?

You can bring a hundred paper samples home and perhaps pay for a bunch of quarts of paint, but… you might end up with a pile of little bottles and no decision.  Can you tell what the different kinds of lamping (that means bulb style and wattage) will do to the color on the wall?  (What does this "lamping" thing really mean, huh?)  Do you know what type of paint will be best for the room?

Your painter can help, but the color thing is likely not his forte'.  That is up to you and/or (if you have one) your Designer. What kind of carpet will work on your stairs?  What works in the upstairs hall or the basement?  Do you know what kind of pad it might need – or if it should be installed with no pad?

One expensive error can cover the cost of a day or two of professional Design consultation – easily.  Does Time=Money?  Keep that in mind – unless this is easy for you and you have the hours to shop. Just bringing up the most obvious here.  More again soon -- and more on the furnishings stuff.

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