Color and Me

Color and Me

It's always comforting and rewarding to do what we are best at, right?  I can make this kind of esoteric, but I'll be practical and direct: I am good at Interior Design-ing.  And my sense for color has been a gift.  A Home Furnishings editor for a major magazine once told me I have "perfect pitch in color" – it's fun!

Give me a project with all options open and I will likely choose colors as I go along making other decisions on furnishings, layout, materials for furniture, walls, floors, etc.  When I have the chance to put together something that is not the same as in every recent magazine. it's fun.  And when I get a call from a client, prospective client, friend or even family member to choose paint colors, I am (pretty much) always on board.

There are right and wrong ways to work with color.  There are rules about colors and lighting, proportions of one color with another, and more.  I learned about elements of color when I studied Interior Design.  A few weeks ago, I was at a presentation given by a PhD in Color.  Yes, one of the universities in CA has a program for a graduate degree in Color Theory and Psychology.  At this talk, I learned that what I had learned in my college years is the same way color theory is taught now, too.

So, ask me to pick colors for almost anything and I will do it.  It can be for napkins on a table or bouquets for a bridal shower.  It's usually paint, carpet, tile, wallpaper, dishes, bedding or other design-y items that I am asked to put together in harmonious form.  In the right proportion, almost any colors can be "together" – finding that proportion would be the challenge.

Meanwhile, I'm working on paint and carpet colors for an office this week.  It will be fun to make a presentation for a space that, because of colors,  won't look just like most other offices in 2015.  And earlier today I spent about 15 minutes deciding which 3 colors I was going to combine to make up the weekly bouquet I assemble for the top of my piano.  It's never the same flowers in the same colors, by the way.  That would not be very interesting.


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