Only a Day Away -- (Tomorrow)

Only a Day Away -- (Tomorrow)

Artistically, “Tomorrow” is supposed to represent the unknown, right?  It’s the word that’s used poetically to leave us open and vulnerable to all the new things we may or may not expect.

I like to avoid negative expectations.  I mean:  avoid them internally… I don’t usually choose to hide out from my life!  I can’t say “never”, but “usually” works.  Expecting good things to come next is comforting.  But, is being optimistic about and, indeed, expecting a better day “tomorrow” unrealistic?   Doesn’t it mean that we are not fully experiencing “today” and missing some of the good?  In reality, tomorrow could suck and be stressful or overwhelming or reinforcing of bad happenings.  It can disappoint us.

My family is awesome.  I have great friends.  My job can be enormously rewarding and I am well-suited to being a self-employed Interior Designer.   Blogging, though sometimes inconsistently, is also “me”.  My “yoga life” is also part of who I am as well.  When I think about “Tomorrow”, there is so much to look forward to.

Tomorrow is actually Thursday, May 28th.  And, I plan to make time in the afternoon to choose and buy flowers for my garden!  It will be a crazy-busy day that will put a bunch of miles on my car, but it’ll be a day of sunshine and diverse activities from preparing a presentation for Friday’s meeting to working out and yoga, plus doing laundry and working in my garden.  Not in that order because a couple of activities demand my daylight hours.

If my aforementioned list is completed– even into the evening—it will be a rewarding day, what we all want “tomorrow” to be.

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