One More Color of the Year 2015:

One More Color of the Year 2015:

Just about one day after I published my last post, Pantone revealed its Color of the Year for 2015:  Marsala!  It's named after the "warm" red wine and has been predicted for Interiors, Fashion, Cosmetics, Graphics and anything in the Design world.

"Marsala" can work with so many other colors, from blues and grays to some pastels, beiges and browns.  Unlike the very, very bright colors of the past 5 years (bright yellow, aqua blue, pink and orchid), this color is sophisticated, adaptable, warm and easy on the eyes.

Pantone's website has lovely combinations for coordinating colors and, truly, for the first time since I have been following their choices -- since 2010 -- I am looking forward to seeing what my industry as well as the fashion world will do in the next several months now that this "choice" has been revealed.

It's been an interesting week of blogging about color and I'll report back later with observations on the recommended trends.

And, if all goes well, the Health Club I belong to will repaint all of those (many) absurd Orchid walls with this considerably more appealing color!  Ple.e.e.e.e.ase.

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