Fast + Right Can Happen in Design

Fast + Right Can Happen in Design

There really is a right way and a wrong way to get things done.  That means a proper process and it means the right product.

Just after July 4th, I learned that long-time clients of mine were moving from their beautiful condo overlooking Navy Pier and other lakeshore  and downtown views in Chicago to live in their Florida apartment full time.  The furniture was moved out last week and on Friday I was asked if we could replace the carpeting in the master bedroom area over the weekend.

My first reaction was wonderment at their inquiry and then I worked on fulfilling it.  Today, the project was completed.  2 ½ business days after the initial text message asking the feasibility of this request, the installation was complete.  Lots to be proud of here:

First, my clients trusted me to take this over and just DO IT.  Some folks can't do that.  Second, I, in turn, trusted in my carpet supplier and installers to work in a last minute project like this and not waste my time without following through.   Third, the clients knew that I would be able to make an appropriate selection that wouldn't cost an unreasonable amount of money, yet would be elegant.

I think the clients pretty much thought this would have to be a job for Empire to deliver in a day.  I kinda shuddered and said that I would try to do it…and it worked.

The lesson learned is to consider your options and start with the choice you'd like the best to make.  Settling for, essentially, an unproven solution might work, but I think my clients learned, as I also did, that starting with your most preferred option can really work.  If it doesn't, you can always go for next best or "down the line".

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