Summer Lovin'

Summer Lovin'

Summer, I LOVE you!  And it seems like it took forever for you to get here this time.  We endured a painfully freezing and endless winter and now our patience has been, at last, rewarded.  Yay summer!!

Each season has its own personality.  Every Fall, as it starts to get cooler and darker, my husband mellows.  He loves Autumn.  It’s lovely for a couple of weeks when the leaves have changed color and are still visible – either on the trees or even on the browning grass.  But that time is so short and I am feeling the colder weather and shorter days.  And I don’t love Halloween.  It used to be a fun holiday for school kids and families and now it’s as “big” as Christmas with too much décor and promotion, plus, no one really goes Trick or Treat-ing any more.  I do adore Thanksgiving.  It’s the ultimate holiday for whole families to get together.  Winter can be fun if it’s not too beastly, and it can be pretty as well.  By the time it acts like winter outdoors, the days are almost getting longer again.  And, of course Christmastime should be joyful!  We do Chanukkah here, and it’s joyful, too, for those days till dark and cold dominate for another three months.

Spring?  Yes!  The season of Promise and Rebirth can be, well, inspiring.  I’m a gardener, so springtime is “put on the work gloves and wallow in the mud” time.  My doggies can’t get enough of the the outdoors – Color is breaking free in gardens and it’s time to walk outside again.

But Summer is Summer.  It’s the vacation from school that we miss when we grow up.  It’s the vacation time of the year even if the only vacation from routine is to sit on the patio with a magazine and enjoy the sun or perhaps go to a restaurant –fancy or not at all –to eat at a sidewalk table under an umbrella.  It’s about Slip ‘n Slide and sandboxes and baseball and barbecues.  And for me, more than any season, it reminds me of hanging out with my friends at the beach or the local playground (since we didn’t go away to camp) and going to concerts when we got older and having great and goofy summer jobs to make at least Some money.   Because families always seemed to travel, no one was ever in town for my middle-of-August birthday.  So, I had some kind of party earlier in the summer.  And then there's always the music of each and every summer, but that could be another blog post

As my wonderful doggies wander into the house wagging and panting, I remember loving summer.  As I watch folks I see often get flushed cheeks and freckles I never noticed before, I smile and know its summer.  Some of my Facebook friends (yes) are those I met over my summers as a camp counselor or summer school student.  We enjoyed summer together and so many years later, we still share that time. I do love summer!

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