Planning A Design Project for 2014

 Planning A Design Project for 2014

Is summer really coming?  Based on today, yes!  It is!  It’s time to look forward and check out what’s happening in the Design World for the new season.

Some aspects of the construction/design/architecture industry are on an upswing again.   It seems that folks are recognizing that the projects they have been denying and avoiding are not going to just “go away”.  Might construction stumble again?  Perhaps, but there seems to be a need and an eagerness to attack projects.  Will clients and consumers really want to spend money?  Or will they be afraid to touch their hard re-earning savings?  I am thinking there’s a bit more “let’s do it” than “not yet’.

So here’s my considered opinion and advice if you are entering into a new project:

If you are contacting suppliers, vendors, professionals who have weathered the past several years, you are most likely dealing with the "cream of the crop".  Some great/reliable/long-standing companies have closed.  MANY capable people have left their jobs involuntarily or even by choice.  I have started over with personnel in some offices and many showrooms, and it's hard for me to do that, too.  New business alliances have been created to maintain companies that were preparing to fold.

This can be fun and exciting time to renew or restart a project.  So, unclench your fists, relax, shake out the hands that you want use to grab people by the throat and remember we are all in this together.   This can be fun and exciting time to renew or restart a project.  Realize that much of the "riff-raff” is gone, so you are left with good and top professionals.  Don’t let frustration overcome you if responses are slower than you would like or others can’t read your mind.  Everyone needs to support themselves and their families, too, so please don't expect "something for nothing".  You will then get what you've negotiated for, and that will be someone who isn't going to be excited about your project.

Companies might seem understaffed, too, but they have held on to the "good guys" and filled in with new blood.   If you have selected qualified professionals, then eager, happy people who want to be there will be involved when you make those "go" decisions.  It’s likely that you will undertake a remodel, renewal, redecorating or major interior design project only a handful of times in your life, so remember that and stay calm so you can enjoy the process as it unfolds....and let me know how it progresses, too......


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