Location, Happy Space, Location

Location, Happy Space, Location

Blogapalooza Hour at ChiNow tonight asks us bloggers to remember and write about a favorite place we've lived.  Yikes!  What an unfair question for an Interior Designer. We are to supposed to choose amongst our real residences and temporary ones like hotels, dorms, etc.  What? I love so many places I've lived – temporary or not!  Some of those places are gorgeous and some of them are more gorgeous.  They can be contemporary, traditional, and totally brand new.  My head is literally spinning – like in a movie where they show flashbacks or a perpetual slide show!

Fortunately (or not, I guess) I can remember where I lived back to before I was 4 years old.  When I was about 5, I decided that my room should be repainted some kind of apple green.  I can completely picture the color, but that was not my favorite room.  In the next apartment, my dad built an elaborate wall of pegboards and bulletin board and blackboard for my bedroom.  Our next home had a wide banister I used to slide down.. But that's all beside the point.

I have deduced that the best places I have lived were the best because of where they were – the outside with the inside.  To me, even as this topic focuses on my chosen profession, location is Everything!

When I think of a slightly disheveled beachside apartment where some dear friends live in Marina del Rey (CA), the interior is an eccentric apartment with classic mid-century furnishings mixed in with some very ordinary c. 2000 upholstered chairs and sofa.  The kitchen is cluttered and there are some unfancy chaises and other pieces on the patio.  But when you open the front door, and turn to the right…the sand and Pacific Ocean are right there!  Sand and boats, a couple of beachside restaurants and stores and  just a few people are around.  Drawings hanging on the apartment wall were created by a friend of mine from college who actually played flute at my wedding.  The countertops in the kitchen are white tile and the bathroom is crowded.  On the wall of the second bedroom are a couple of real "gold records" from my other friend's days as a managed for David Bowie.  This is not my home, rather, it's a place I often visit and have sometimes inhabited as a houseguest and house sitter.  I don't care how uncomplicated the décor is, because it's an amazing place to be and re-group.

In Paris, I loved the entryway of the Madison Hotel.  In Southampton, Long Island, I love the upstairs hall of my cousin's former home, and in Manhattan I loved living (temporarily) in Tribeca.  Why?  It's all because of where these places are and perhaps who owns these spaces.   Location, location, location --  it's just as "they" say!




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