Making It

Making It

“Making it” as in being successful –not as in building something--can been uncomplicated.  It’s all about fearlessness, confidence and self-confidence.  For Chicago Now’s monthly “Blogapalooza” hour, any blogger interested in writing fast can follow a chosen topic (by our gurus) as related to their Blog.  Tonight, fear or fearlessness is the topic.

For some wonderful, fortunate reason, I was never fearful of success as an Interior Designer.  Although I may have feared blatant anonymity, I never feared the inability to succeed in my chosen profession. Because I know my strengths, weaknesses and –where I am truly fortunate—abilities to understand and flourish within the elements that create attractive and successful spaces, I have been patient and confident.

I’ve had fears of being alone, or not sleeping enough or aging too fast, but I’ve always felt assured that I have chosen a professional path that suits my talents.  I get to be creative and I get to be a bit scientific as well.  There are so many other professionals and vendors to meet and share work with that I am not really working alone.  I get to work with an array of clients and I get to make people truly happy in their environments.  Fear might keep me secluded, but the lack of fear puts me nicely in the mix of my peers.

No, I am not bragging.  That would be about being more in the public eye, perhaps, or working with highest-profile clients.  My clients are high profile to me, we get along well and they are happy with their completed homes – in their houses or places of work, which are also their homes.

I can fear more ridiculously cold weather to freeze our pipes or screw up our rood, but I am not afraid of my chosen professional path.  Who knew that I would land on my career as the focus of a blog about “fear”!


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