Busy Season, Being There & Getting It Done

Busy Season, Being There & Getting It Done

"My life is so much less complicated because I am reliable."  I actually posted a version of that very sentence on Facebook early this morning!  Period—end of blog post. Not really, not until I explain why I say that.

It's an amazing feeling for me to know that I've noticed that in life, and especially in my Interior Design work (even before I had my own business), I've relied on the same people (and businesses) over and over.  I've been fortunate to have new clients, but there's also a core of people who know I can be their "go to" person to get their varied projects planned and realized.  For my entire career in Chicago I have worked with some of the same family businesses through 2 generations, now verging on 3!  There could be an element of staying with what works, but I really think that it's much more a matter of coming back to the same core of dependable people.  Clients trust me, and thus I trust others, with a LOT of money.  Sometimes, these companies are responsible for tens of thousands of my clients' savings.  Knowing that they are there for me makes life less complicated, more tranquil.

But it's also in everyday life that trying to do what needs to be done ASAP (or ASAFP) is easier than planning to put something off until "Later" – any time later.  One can't do everything immediately, and something does have to be put aside.  This week it's been damned hard to put off my Holiday Greetings and even some gift shopping in favor of getting orders in before businesses close down or slow down next week.  Hopefully, I'll catch up on my own stuff--and in the next day or two.  I promise that all the gifts and messages will be selected and received shortly.

When important events and exciting news comes our way (good or bad), don't we all count on the same dependable folk?

There's a pretty well-known saying:  "When you need something done, ask a busy person".  I completely believe it.  It's nothing to feel superior about, but it's comforting to know that I am thought to be in that category.   And, even though I profess wanting to try a "nothing to do" lifestyle, maybe it will be more intimidating to have time on my hands than to be fixated with list-making and time-tracking to get things done.

Have an awesome Christmastime break everyone!

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