"Radiant Orchid" is 2014's Color of the Year

"Radiant Orchid" is 2014's Color of the Year

And… it's Purple!  Yes, it's a lighter purple that's cheerful and playful, but it's definitely purple.

For the past few years I've blogged on Pantone's "Color of the Year" in the Interior Design world and this one will be fun to watch!   It will certainly turn up in paint colors, some textiles, some ceramic tile (perhaps) and maybe even some rugs or carpets.  Color Theory tells us that this color will comfortably contrast with khaki and olive tones, which would be fun (particularly perhaps) in accenting doses.  It can also certainly be effective as an accent in spaces that are decorated in neutral tones of grays, beiges and even black and white.  As a dominant color it may look a bit contrived or overwhelming--see above-- but it should be hugely successful in the other aspects of design where Pantone has influence.  Cosmetics and fashion will flower (pun intended) with "Radiant Orchid", and the world of graphic design and advertising can play with it a bit as well.

In my professional world, I'll enjoy following blogs and articles and releases of new design products to see if the proclamation has any effect on what is created to fulfill the prophecy.  For now, red and green will permeate our surroundings till Christmas décor is put away!



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