Veterans' Day: Time to Reflect

Veterans' Day:  Time to Reflect

It’s November and Veteran’s Day is here!   Along with Memorial Day, it’s one of our two holidays that recognize the service of soldiers in defense of our nation.  In 1971, Memorial Day was changed from May 30th to a Monday in late May.   That same law changed Veteran’s day to a Monday, but not for long, as Armistice Day.  The "eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month" of 1918 was the day that the Germans surrendered on the Western Front to end World War I.

For many years an observance like this meant more than just banks and post offices and schools being closed.  Now, even though we note at its originally observed date, it seems like almost not many really notice.

As this weekend flows into “just another Monday”, I am thinking that mattress sales and pre-pre-Christmas specials seem a bit disrespectful.  Of course we won’t likely each make a formal event of honoring this date, but we can and should pause a moment to reflect.

We should think about the significance of the men and women who served over the years—including this century in the Middle East -- and let them know how much we admire and appreciate their service.  Many of us might not have ever been here if it were not for their selflessness.

So what’s the connection between this commentary and a Design Sense blog?  It’s just been on my mind all week!  I haven’t thought twice about Veterans Day Monday as a work day.  Some showrooms could be closed, and some clients might be with kids that are off.  Nevertheless, I thought I should be available.

But Wait!  When is the last time most of us took a day we could be working as a day of quiet, much less a day of reflection?  There certainly can be exceptions, but we all should have “personal time”  to enjoy a family Sunday or to be able to reflect on a day like Veteran’s Day.




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