Designer: Plan It and Feel It, too

Designer: Plan It and Feel It, too

I’ve decided to stop, breathe, and slow down for the next few days.

Our extended family is getting together in Chicago this weekend for a joyous event and my design clients are pressed with deadlines.  They want things completed yesterday so they can move into homes “ready to go”.  It’s been a crazy week.  Everyone seems to want something from me.  I know…waah, waah, waah…

There are no emergencies in Interior Design and no one died from “late sofa”.  Helping clients is not be the same as helping someone who is ill or disabled (in any way), yet it does appear that my work can bring peace of mind.  So for the past few days have been about bringing some order to the chaos of others’ lives.   In order for me to feel relaxed the next days, I’ve been bringing calmer feelings to worried and edgy clients who have technical questions and unanswered questions.   When they aren’t able to sort out the process or the products or the sequence for a design project and they are tired of living in roach-infested temporary quarters (this is not an exaggeration), I can help, especially since it means more than picking chair fabrics.

I am lucky to be able to visualize a whole picture and that I can (usually) hear what clients are trying to say even though they don’t know the lingo.  This afternoon I had two phone calls to express gratitude for keeping up and for hanging in...

Just when I was wondering about sitting down to the Blogapalooza tonight, this theme and my week came together in harmony.  Namaste.bigstock-Overwhelmed-Rubber-Stamp-51992887

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