Be True -- To You

Be True -- To You

Design is creative and varied and new topics for this blog are beginning to avalanche (is that a verb?).

After deciding that designing, re-designing or just rearranging your physical environment is now inevitable,  you have to think about what to do and how.  I've written on that and continue to think about it, and one thing is absolutely for certain:  You have to be true to what you are and what you like if you really want to be happy where you live.

If you have thought about your home (either your residential or work home) often, you might quite specific ideas of what’s cool, comfortable, joyful, oppressive, awkward, timeless, superficial.  Own it!  Maybe you can cut out pictures, look online, walk through stores, and collect your impressions and snapshots –real or imagined so that you can put together a home.  Call someone like me who loves the chance to get into your thoughts and fulfill your concept of a happy, cheerful, cozy comfortable place to spend your time.

It’s so easy to be a follower and walk into a store or a catalog or a furniture web site and buy a roomful or a matching assortment of anything.  If you consider all you like and want to look around and see yourself, check out a variety of sources, and don’t be hasty.  Take a couple of days or even weeks and come back to your ideas.  Then make it work for you.

Be true to what makes you comfortable, relaxed, and productive in your own space.  My lesson for today.  I am still working on it.  That’s absolutely part of the fun!


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