Color in Interiors…It's Back and Happy

Color in Interiors…It's Back and Happy

Pantone—the arbiters of color choice and trends—claimed "Emerald Green as the "Color of the Year" for 2013.  But I am finding that it's blue, gray and even a bit of gold metal color – as in brass—plus many more.   Nickel finishes on hardware (especially "brushed") are  the most popular, but almost anything can be found nowadays….that's a big change from mostly Bronze just a couple of years ago.  What does this mean if you are shopping for new home furnishings, or carpet?  It mean that you will not have to look around very much to find a "new look" that you enjoy because variety is BACK!

Furniture showrooms and stores now advertise with all kinds of upholstery colors - Textiles are everywhere now.  It's not all brown (or related colors) leather any more.  Neighborhood art galleries are showing paintings in primary brights, including reds and yellows, and you can dress up your bed in rainbows of colors.

It might be that you are just tired of the "no color/neutral" look and want some variety.  If so, then keep some of the beiges and browns and add bright colors in pillows, area rugs, art work or duvet covers.  Colored candles will completely change the look if you have only had rust, brown, burgundy and dark green for the past several years.    Maybe you can get new towels or simply buy colorful fresh flowers.  Change some details to teal or aqua, yellow or red and combinations of colors will make a huge difference even if a whole new sectional sofa is impossible with your budget.

A brighter economy signals more color.  Maybe that's why we had aqua and pink refrigerators and stoves in the 50's.  Somehow, I think expecting that to be a trend seems unrealistic, but it's fun to see updated versions of patterned woven carpets and some blues and greens again underfoot (not just Berber weaves in varying colors of beige and gray).

Mostly, I am enjoying a bit of a resurgence of modern shapes in furniture.  Modern furniture and mid- century styles have always retained part of the market—as seen at Design Within Reach, Orange Skin and other retailers.  Now, it seems that young adults are liking the perpetual freshness of this look which works in smaller and spaces and apartments where large-scale and cushy may not fit.

I'd say that almost anything goes.  Don’t be afraid to try a new look.  If you do it in steps and replace everything at once, you may just create a true "eclectic" look: bits of many styles all at once.
For certain, adding a changing if you decorate this way won't ever look dated because it's always changing!

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