Made For You Is Worth It

Made For You Is Worth It

Are you finally looking to redesign (redecorate) or finally complete buying furnishings for yourself?  That's awesome!  Hate the wait?   Before the collapse of 2007, furniture took 10-14 weeks to complete.  Now it takes about 12 weeks to have something made.  Um.....whassup with that?  Shouldn't you just walk in somewhere (anywhere) and buy the first item that might fit the bill?  Unless you are sleeping, sitting or working on an unfinished floor, I wouldn't.

No one is being lazy and no one is "sitting" on your deposits and not working.  It's not that complicated.  Before the bottom fell out in the economy and my industry slowed down, it took about 14 weeks to do custom work--sometimes even 20 weeks if you worked with some of the Rock Stars that I call my "peeps".  Almost without exception, work slowed down for everyone, so maybe now it's 12 weeks.  But not much is completed in less than 8 (or 10) weeks.

Whereas, it seems logical that production might speed up, it hasn't.  When production was at 14 weeks and the contractors and manufacturers had "full loads", we just accepted the info we were given.  Over the past few years, orders have dropped, and, in succession, so have the number of workers in production lines.

To stay in business, factories large and small have cut back on their assembly workers, finishers or (what I find the most equitable) hours of production. Some of my suppliers are only open 4 days a week, require more time off from their employees or choose to completely close up shop at holiday or vacation times.  Most companies I know in my industry are smaller businesses.  The bosses are loyal to the workers and if they have been though necessary layoffs, they won't be quick to hire on again until they know it's "forever".


Things continue to get better.   Many companies seem to have stayed in business even if they have had to close elaborate showrooms or perhaps partner up for display space.  Even when the showrooms and retail stores aren't all faring well factories seem to be hanging on.  If you must have it soon, maybe you can buy "off the floor".  Samples might be avail and some companies have frames or partially built items in stock and call it "Quick Ship".  But rolls of fabrics are no longer left sitting in warehouses.  The major textile companies as well as the highest end teeny companies won't produce a fabric unless they have back orders.  This past winter, I had to go to a 3rd selection when one was discontinued and another would only be woven with a 150 yard back order and I only needed NINE.

So, relax!  The good items ARE worth waiting for and will continue to cost more as time goes by.  Absent any showroom incentives or special temporary pricing, just get what you've been planning for and don't expect a magical Deal.  It's the best for you and good for your fabricator.  This is a wonderful time to acquire top line items.  And, of course, it will keep your Designer busy, too (If you have one)!


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