Emerald Green!! 2013’s Color of the Year!

Emerald Green!!  2013’s Color of the Year!

This year is going to be great fun!  For about ten years, Pantone has predicted/anointed/selected one color as the “Color of the Year” in fashion, interiors, products, even cosmetics:  “Chili Pepper” in 2007, “Blue Iris” in 2008, “Mimosa” in 2009, “Turquoise” in 2010, “Honeysuckle” in 2011 and “Tangerine Tango” in 2012.  Then, or in retrospect, not too much influence came from those (wonderful as they might have been) predictions. The momentum and influence of Pantone’s choice has accelerated from year to year, and this color should be great fun for the interiors-based design community.

Emerald Green is a classic, historical color that’s symbolic of richness and royalty.  It’s our most abundant color in nature and is both optimistic and comforting.  Unlike last year’s Tangerine Tango it doesn’t seem “retro”.  Instead, this classic selection feels innovative, adaptable and should be a hit.  It’s not an easy choice for the cosmetic industry, but, oh well!  In 2011 pinky “Honeysuckle” was The Color and it didn’t have much influence on interiors (more would have been more fun).  And I’m sure that we’ll have incarnations of green nail polish anyway.

Where can we use Emerald Green for design?  Where won’t we see it?  Certainly paint colors will soon reflect Pantone’s samples.  It’s a great accent color for rugs, pillows, and painted furnishings.  There will be green vases, platters, linens and other serving and tableware, too.  It might be “everywhere”!

Emerald is a color that can work with pretty much any decorating scheme.  Unless your house is mostly red and Christmas-all-year will be the look if you add the green, you’ll find a way.  Perfect with beiges, browns, grays and other neutrals, it’s a wonderful accent to blues and many pastels and other greens.  My favorite memory from learning color theory is that almost any colors can work together in the proper proportions.  That would include Emerald with yellow, orange, and even other greens. Yes, that can absolutely work.  Pink and green is an all-time color combo. Teaming with red might be the exception.  But that too can work if you add some beiges and browns to complement the red and green.  Color theory supports that color opposites work together (that’s red with green).   We just have preconceived notions of Christmas with that combo, so we pull away from it.

Put this color on your radar.  I will make a point of finding and posting ways of using Emerald in your decorating/design on my Facebook Fan Page (I just thought of that!)…you can “Like” my Page in that next column.

Time to find some pictures and to find the Emerald sweater in my closet!

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