Start That Project!

Start That Project!


Interior Design and architecture, decorating, building, puttering and remodeling world can enjoy positive changes now that our collective attention can be diverted from the political arena.  Many, many people have been hiding out or cowering in corners fearful of making decisions and investments that are not only about money but also about time.  I see and hear people who are afraid to make any commitment to change or improve their homes or their offices because of what "could" happen.  They could choose to go forward, but are hesitant to commit.

Party leanings aside, we can decide to keep waiting or act on what we need to do—not just spiritually, but in our own surroundings.  Unless we know we really can't, let's start!  Pull out that list or a pad and pencil or "reminders' on your laptop or phone and start making notes.  It could be a long complex list from rebuilding or remodeling or moving to a bigger, smaller, older, less expensive home that needs work.  It could mean moving your office home or setting up a satellite location to do your work and save on gas money to and from the office 10 times (or more) a week.  Or, it could be adding some storage or tiling a bathroom.

It might seem that whomever you talk to or talk about with friends and co-workers has a formal business set-up and would only handle the "big jobs".  I think that if you and this professional connect well, he or she could tailor their terms or fees to accommodate a smaller job or an on-going project (MY expression).

"Blah, blah, blah", I know:  be careful about hiring the wrong, inexperienced and/or unqualified.  If you are very lucky, you can get more than you paid for, but I would not count on it and please don't fool yourself.  Many (but not all) of my resources have a retail segment of their business (not just the "to the trade" for Designers, architects and/or builders) so look for them or ask someone willing to recommend (like me) without taking over the project.

We should all get going and help each other.  Even Congress in considering cooperation! It's been a long recession.  Start with the repairs and re-do's that shouldn't wait.  A smart Do It Yourself project can involve products or services from someone who will appreciate your interest, the work and the dollars.  Think about that!

"Come Together". . ."Kumbaya".


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