Loving Your Home

Loving Your Home

Why does loving your home matter?  It matters because if you are happy in your home, you feel settled, you're calmer and that extends into other aspects of your life.  I was noting Sunday that I have lived in this house longer than anywhere else.  When I was a little kid, and my parents acclimated to the Chicago and the USA, we lived in several apartments.   Not long after moving to our first house, my parents split up and it was back to apartments.  My mom lived in her house “forever”, but I was almost in college when she bought it so...

I remember working on all of my homes from the time I was into high school.  Each place – room, apartment or house –  was “me ” and I took some of that to the next place.  Since I subsequently decided to study Interior Design that seems even more logical now.

Adults may or may not become attached to “stuff”.  Too much attachment could be a precursor to “Hoarders”, but that's pretty extreme and unlikely; it's more like Linus' blanket or Christopher Robin's Winnie the Pooh.  As we become more independent, we have more control (yes, add “Usually”) over the stuff we have.  By the time we live alone, we have started to make our own choices.  Even I, as a Designer, inherited and assimilated some parental furnishings and have passed some onto our kids.  Those belongings have sentimental value, can carry tradition with them and might have  historical/collectible value as well.  Or they become replaceable and disposable as we can afford to move on.

The more we put ourselves into our homes, the comfier we feel.  The most important thing I do for  clients is to listen, look at what they have and translate their taste into furnishings, colors and budgets that work for them.  For me, ideal choices are those that last for a long time.  When I see that a client still has furniture that we selected a number of  years ago, it means that we picked out the right stuff.  It's always good to refresh and redo or restyle, but why completely start over?  Stability is good (and more affordable).  When I client told me that she didn't want to buy a vintage light fixture – that she really liked – for her entryway because she likes to replace things regularly, I listened, but did not (and do not) “get it”.  If I did, I wouldn't still remember the conversation!

So hang on to some of the things you like, and look for more things that fit that bill. Sometimes we can't afford exactly what we want, so the choice becomes to either select something more affordable or wait till it's the right time to buy.  I've done both.   Your home may or likely won't have a perfect look.  So?  It's infinitely more important for you to be happy than to impress others with your environment.

I'll get into some DIY (Do It Yourself) suggestions soon and discuss how to work with a Professional Designer – or not.  It's been a while since I've evaluated my own surroundings.  Since this is my chosen profession, I feel obliged to reflect, analyze and often update hoq/where I live.  This time, the “Aha” was that I don't have a huge desire to change anything that doesn't need to be replaced or isn't wearing out; “just because” is not appealing now because I feel so good about where I am.

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