Designing in Spring, 2012

Designing in Spring, 2012

Spring Break in the 'burbs already: planning time (and almost planting time).

Here we are, 3 years + into this recession and Interior Design still has that cachet of being just for rich and/or snobby people. That's certainly not true, is it?

I've done this job for a LONG time. In almost anyone's estimation, it's a long(ish) time. There have been clients of homes and of offices that have not had to work within a budget, but I look at reality two ways: everyone pretty much has some kind of budget, and...may of my clients are not in that category anyway. That means that I have to figure out how business could play out in six months, a year or 2 from now, and also what will play out around here in the next weeks when my family comes into town to visit.

Most professions have found their way into the digital age. Interior Design has evolved a bit as well. Included in this evolution is the HGTV and/or DIY phenomenon. I've blogged about that before (back to 2010 & 11, I would guess), and have warmer and fuzzier feelings about the DIY part. In fact, I have embraced it to an cautionary extent. If I am too enthusiastic, I don't want to be “blamed” for unsuccessful attempts. If anyone could do great Interior Design, there wouldn't be State Registration for qualified Designers.

There seem to be (I have not investigated them very much) wonderful web sites for design help, home planning and lots of resources for buying on one's own. Of course, it's hard--if you don't know products--to assess value and quality and reliability.  While “the public” tries all of these sources, I am doing more blogging, upgrading my web site, confabbing with ChiNow bloggers, Designers and building industry professionals.  Together, we are all moving forward so that we can stay "with it".  And this happens in between the clients we serve who are getting great service, top products, and creativity.  New items are still emerging and that “Tangerine Tango” color by Pantone is everywhere – they did it!  Now, Pantone's 2013 color samples for textile and furniture are already sold out! (I don't even know what they are yet)..So, happily, new things are definitely coming.

Today, May flowers are already blooming six weeks early.  Gorgeous and strange at the same time.  Supposedly, our Fall will still come at the same time, so that is good!  Very soon we can go out and plant our gardens.  Designing and digging, using my creative brain, and getting all dirty -- Can't wait!



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