Re-decorating Resolutions: What Happened?

Re-decorating Resolutions:  What Happened?

What resolution?  It's March already and, after this week's weather, you might want to go outside until fall (or till we have a last snowfall or a heat wave).  Weren't you tired of how your house/apartment looks?  What can you do rather quickly, and for not a lot of cash?  Here are some easy ideas to do now…and some places to shop to not overspend.  Let's just do it!

This is the best way to give your home a lift:  purge and make space for what you really want to see when you look around your home.  You don't have to do every space at the same time, but do it with gusto.  Start from the top...the surfaces.  Clear off your counters, tabletops, dressers and throw away whatever you really don't use/love/need.  Then, replace the clutter with your favorite objects.  It'll look refreshed.  I promise it will, and it can be free!  If you want to keep many things handy, shop for trays, storage boxes (open or with tops) so you can keep your desks and dressers in order.

If you can keep motivated, move on to the insides of drawers, cabinets and closets (or not).  Most likely, only you will notice this, but it does feel good and then playing outdoors in the spring weather won't make you feel like you're cheating.  Again, buy dividers/containers for insides of drawers, cabinets or closets.  In a closet, fresh hangers, containers, etc. can totally brighten up the space and you'll love the neatness.

Next…add some color or even change accent colors.  Painting walls is a huge lift, but also a big commitment...a decision that will likely last at least a couple of years.  You could paint an accent wall, but new throw pillows, a knit afghan, a bowl on a table, a quilt for your bed and/or new towels all can add inexpensive zip to several rooms for a small expense.  If you like a consistent color scheme, think about coordinating your new purchases.  Use the same (or almost the same) color for your new items.  Remember that color is IN!  Be brave and don't just add neutrals, beiges and browns.  That's so “10 years ago”.  “Tangerine Tango” is 2012.  Check out my previous blog post!  It's really in the marketplace now.  Like it?   Combine it with other colors, or ignore it altogether and use whatever colors are your favorites.

Color is also in paintings and prints, throw rugs, dishes and other objects including books!  Move stuff around or invest what you can in these objects – a little goes a long way and you will love the effect.  Can't imagine a color scheme, search for that quilt or print or vase that makes you happy and let that item be the basis for your color selections.

Where can you shop within a budget and with a desire to buy what's fun and “in”?  Here is my own list. It's not in preferential order, and I shop them all.  Go to resale shops, outlet stores (Crate & Barrel), and flea markets (if you never return things).  Or you can shop eBay (I do that, too) and online stores for other goodies.  Some of the bargains are wonderful.

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