THE Color for 2012: Tangerine Tango!

THE Color for 2012: Tangerine Tango!

And the verdict is......Tangerine Tango!!  Pantone's Color of the Year
for 2012!!

Bright, and fun, another hot, glowing color that has been selected.  Pantone
has predicted and selected colors and color trends for the several
years. Founded in 1963, Pantone has provided color wheels, charts,
fabric samples and online tools for graphic design and printing,
fashion and interiors.

It's going to be interesting to see just how this rather crazy hue will
be integrated into what we are accustomed to seeing in the
marketplace.  Last Spring, Honeysuckle – a vibrant “hot pink”,
was the color.  It wasn't All that prevalent, but both of these new
shades are a warm, fabulous switch from the prevalent browns, “earth”
and “jewel” tones of the last years. (jewel tones: sapphire,
emerald, ruby, topaz).  It's fun to think of these color as "in" for paint, furniture, clothing, nail polish and lipstick at the same time.

After reading a bit more about Pantone's selection of “tangerine”  I
was thrilled to have my own thoughts validated.  There hasn't been
any doubt in my mind that these colors hot, bright colors are meant
to contrast with our gloomy “recession” point of view – I've
been predicting for the past 2-3 years that colors to make us smile
are returning to favor as we need to crawl out of our
multidimensional “hole”.  As with the heavy dark colors, the
heavy, large, cumbersome furnishings are being replaced by
lighter-scaled and lighter looking furniture, chandeliers, cabinets
and accents.

If you want to be forward-thinking with your design/decorating choices
and integrate “Tangerine Tango” more casually into your home,
it's a terrific color to add in smaller doses like the pictured
ottoman from Lena Blonsky Design, or try photo frames, throw pillows or tableware.  It's a fun choice to add to the neutral browns and greens and beiges that have been so prevalent.

Although they have appointed the “color for the year”, Pantone actually
has added 175 colors recently to the 1,001 they developed as a
palette for fashion and interiors in 1985.  Many of the new colors
are not just the oranges and pinks, but also blues and the many
purples seen in the fashion world.  Pantone create colors in
materials that can be copied and marketed for and in (what I'll call)
“visual industries”.  Jonathan Adler, Interior Designer and
designer of furniture, accessories and purveyor of things white,
colorful and geometric said this (and I love it):  “Color is an
over-the-counter anti-depressant.”

That's why we want it!



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