Christmas Envy

Christmas Envy

Happy Chris-Kwanz-Nukah!

It’s Christmastime and all is colorful and bright.  Last night on Christmas Eve most stores, restaurants and even gas stations were shuttered for the holiday.  Homes had trees inside with lights that sparkled through front windows.  And, of course, there were so many varieties of outside decorations from garlands to a whole front yard.  Phooey!   I wish I had those at my house.  It would be so much fun to design the perfect outdoor display.  Oh well –I’ve not decided if lighting the house for Hanukkah is lame, but it’s not nearly as colorful as Santas and reindeer, candy canes and sleighs, and multi-colored strands of wee lights.  A neighbor around the corner has garlands of light blue icicles, but it’s pretty Ho Hum.

For the first 25 years of my life (or so) we piled into our car on Christmas morning, drove south on The Drive and shared the first half of the holiday with the same handful of families at the same home in Hyde Park.  I remember making strands of cranberries and/or paper straw garlands amongst the ornaments, and we all exchanged gifts till too many of us “kids” had our own and moved away.  My mom had suffered from Christmas Tree Envy growing up, so she had trees till our daughter told her not to in about 1980.

Decorating for Christmas inside and out seems to be fun or obsessive or…both!   What a talent to weave the strands of lights evenly, like a blanket:  not in zigzags around the tree or crisscrossing up and down the tall evergreen in the front yard. Sometimes I wonder if the lights are there all year and just get plugged in for December.  It must be enormous fun deciding which items to buy and set up to make the vision perfect.  Hey, you might end up with a network TV crew in front of your house to film your outstanding and/or outlandish presentation for the world to see—that would be awesome!

Then, there are all the mantel items, linens and garlands to wrap around railings and chandeliers…and how to display the annual cards?  It seems that decorating the interior of the house for Christmas has become at least as festive as trimming the tree!  Throw pillows, anyone?

Of course, some designer-folk do beautiful subtler accents for Santa’s arrival:  creative tree-scapes, tablescapes and huge crystal bowls of elegant ornaments so as not to distract from elegantly decorated spaces.   All of these objects gracefully disappear by the 12th Day of Christmas.

OK.  A year from now, I will figure out how to appease this craving.  Maybe I’ll post an ad on FB to be an elf for a decorating Santa or Mrs. Claus.


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