For Now and Forever

For Now and Forever

This will be a short echo of my own most basic business practice:

A while ago, a very wealthy, sophisticated client (who had worked with other designers before me) thanked me for being reliable and returning calls, following up and following through. “Of course!”  is what I said.  “What?  Are you kidding?  That’s my job!” is what I meant.

And I never forgot that short interchange.

Here we are in the midst of a slow economy and I am watching some of the very best of every trade and related industry restructure, re-invent and try to hang on.  These are some of the most reliable, responsible and talented people I know.  It would be very easy to slough off the calls, but running “lean and mean” will pay off if they respond properly and use the manners they practice when they can do more and charge more.

I will expound on this at some point, but I just HAD to vent, as I leave a second voicemail and send a 5th e-mail to the same person.

Thanks for “listening”.  Gotta return 2 calls on MY voicemail (first message from each).



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