Chicago Architecture Foundation's Open House Chicago

Chicago Architecture Foundation's Open House Chicago
From Art Deco Chicagno Tour

Once again, here's a fantastic reminder that we are in the midst of an architecturally LUSH environment.

This coming weekend (Oct 15 & 16) the Chicago Architecture Foundation has set up buses and tickets to create your own FREE tours of our awesome City.

In addition to their schedule and array of tours, this is for one weekend only and a la carte.

[Hopefully, if successful, it can be repeated – even if we have to wait for Spring!]

Here is the main web site link.  Peruse the options by boat (hurry up, it’ll be cold soon), on foot or by bus:

I am a member, and as I said in my previous post about Chicago tours, I am so steeped in the Architectural History since my early childhood (mostly from my father, but also my husband, both architects), that I become quite sentimental when thinking about all we can watch emerge and absorb in our iconic city.  Wow!

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