Why We D.I.Y. or The "IKEA Effect"

Why We D.I.Y. or The "IKEA Effect"

This is fascinating and not at all surprising:

I just heard about this!  Harvard University researchers have discovered (or better: “Labeled”) what is being called “The IKEA Effect”.  This has been officially studied.

“The IKEA Effect” is when we buy something and put it together ourselves.   We  then use it (or hardly use it, whichever), but develop an attachment or sense of pride to this object because of the work it took for it to be completed and rendered usable.  The study discusses how we also don't want to let go of those things we've built!

I would call it THE definition of “Do It Yourself” and maybe why DIY is catching on in our morose current economy.   In fact, believe it or not, one of the reasons that the research is so interesting is because (it appears) manufacturers and vendors can actually charge the consumers MORE because we have to do our own assembly!

This was also studied with children and Lego figures they had made.

As a supporter and proud owner of some fabulous IKEA items, I am smiling!

A few of years ago when I bought a batch of IKEA products, their driver left an unassembled blue laminate children’s desk in my living room.  It was all ready to be unpacked and put together, but it wasn’t mine and I had absolutely nowhere to use it.  When I called to tell them, they expressed that they didn’t want it back…probably cheaper to leave it than send a truck.  Darn!  I should have started a bidding war for it.  All that pride stuff, after all, could have given me a bit of extra cash.  Instead, I gave it to one of the workmen remodeling out house—he had 2 little kids that could use it!

*Photo from IKEA online*

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