COLORS: Fall 2011 and 2012

COLORS: Fall 2011 and 2012

This past Spring, Pantone (THE color experts/predictors for fashion, interiors and graphic design) announced that ‘Honeysuckle” would be their color for 2011.  And it’s still in the Fall palette!

The other colors, per their prediction and (thus) recommendation:

Bamboo:  a honey gold, Emberglow:  a pinky-orange, Phlox: reddish plum, Cedar:  light grayish green, Deep Teal: dark blue-green, Coffee Liqueur: a dark café-au-lait, Nougat: pinky-beige, Orchid Hush: pale lavender, Quarry: aqua blue.  ( and thanks, Pantone).

From admiring this array of varied colors (yay on the “varied”), I checked out the most popular requested samples from the Benjamin Moore website.  And, other than a dark barn-red color and a “char-brown”, it seems that, although most paint buyers don’t know about Pantone, they are following the new path unknowingly!  Look for their phone apps for colors.  (see my "Design in the Palm of Your Hand" post, too.)

Sherwin-Williams has also put together Forecasts to go into 2012.  Jackie Jordan, their director of color marketing, has put her predictions in the reds to include pinks, brighter reds, fuchsias (purpley pink) and some pink pastels.  In the blues, it varies from light to dark, but around the denim shades and watery blues.   Just last week, Nate Berkus (on the Today Show) was talking about navy with black for winter.  He also recommended “asparagus” green (close to one of the colors in the Sherwin-Williams palette) not dark emerald tones.  (Check out “Basil” and “Argyle”).  But not "Avocado"--that's 1970's-- with "Harvest Gold"

The Sherwin-Williams website has accent color palettes.  Want fun? Look up “Restless Nomad” and use these colors with your neutrals!  Sherwin-Williams even separates neutrals between the warm (beige) and cool (gray and blue) neutrals…..I can’t be more thrilled that the gray tones are BACK, but not to the exclusion of the warmer neutrals. NO, it's not peach and gray, nor mauve and gray (circa '80's)

All my personal favorites are considered “in” neutrals:  chalky colors as well as gray-beige tones that are incredibly soothing and versatile (Benjamin Moore's “Edgewood Gray” and “Revere Pewter”), as well as more standard lights, with few very almost-white colors.  On a typical paint strip?  The ones that are at the top and not as popular for now and a bit more pigment (color) would be the way to go.

Universally, the brownish colors are leaning to the bronze tones, ginger and not the extremely dark values of the past.  Don’t ignore black:  but use it as an accent, and maybe not on your walls. It's Too Hard to paint the darkest colors well.  Use an eggshell or similar finish with any dark tones.  NO flat dark paint.  Not a lot of flat paint at all, unless you can be careful not to “craze” -- or rub—on those walls.

And,  finally, as an aside:   Last Saturday, on 3rd Street in Santa Monica, CA,  a “handwriting analyst”  with a little cart had me write a couple of sentences and  he made a few pronouncements about me:

1)      My left leg is slightly shorter than my right (or vice versa, I don’t remember which, and he said one leg or the other to everyone he "analyzed").

2)      I am not a good golfer (well, I don’t really play, so I don’t know if I could be very good or not, so as of  now, he’s certainly right)! ---AND --

3)      I am a talented, creative extrovert with an extraordinary sense of color.  He expounded on this, having NO idea that I'm a Designer and have been told that for years by all sorts of people in and out of “the biz”.

Wow! Incredible, huh?

So..Yes!  You CAN ask my advice on color!  Lots of people already do!  ;)

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