My Designer/My Project

My Designer/My Project

Every old topic is new again.  There is project in your life that needs doing, and it’s time.  Even with hesitation in the world’s financial future, sometimes you’ve just got to do it-- maybe before something totally falls apart or till the value of your place plummets from lack of proper care and updates.

Just 2 posts ago, I explained what each professionals can do for you in a remodeling project.   Now, a bit of explanation of why and how you should proceed to find your Design pro -- with some of the best and the brightest tidbits from some of my earlier blog posts.

It’s a “speed-dating” version of what matters to make a project a success.

Out of the 80+ previous blog posts on ChicagoNow, these are a great start for you!  Many more are listed in my Archives, some are primers like these, and others are visual pictures or based on my exploring


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