Designed for Only You

Designed for Only You

This will be Short, but my interest was piqued by a conversation I just finished!  I am STILL recovering from No Power all last week and have been avoiding my office (with the broken window letting in a 98 degree breeze -- it's now boarded up).


We see photos in mags about "who wore this better" and intellectually know that most of what we buy is not just for us.  BUT, as a Professional Interior Designer, I work very hard to make each project incredibly personal and individualized.  Part of the fun for me is to search for the perfect items: fabric, furniture, artwork, whatever is needed, and put these products together for the most representative of my clients' personality and taste as feels reasonable and honest to my own values (in this conversation, aesthetic).

Again, this morning, I heard about a group of friends (or neighbors) who chose to work with the same Design professional (no, not credentialed) and they have found that they all have many of the same things in their homes.  Years ago, I heard about a top Designer getting sued (no, I don't know under what premise) for duplicating a friend's project in her home--very high-end budgets.

A Designer OWES YOU creativity and something to call your own.  If you like your friends' stuff, fine!!  But a Designer should give it a twist somehow.  There are MANY classic furniture the kiddie-sized chair photo I am featuring.  BUT, it is in pink felt and it will not fit an adult person, so it's likely not what your neighbor would have.  When you are searching for a Designer, a web site online portfolio or an album portfolio -- in person-- will give you a  range of someone's abilities.  You might find something that you would like him/her to emulate.  Check out if you fit in somewhere or you might say (one of my favorite client lines ever):  "I don't expect to find my house in your pictures.  I just want to know that you know what you're doing."



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