Did Something Happen To....?

I am, still or again, wondering:  What happened to manners and consideration?  If we are each to emerge from this economic sludge, we have to remember that we all learned these "magic words" and phrases:

** Please, Thank you, You're welcome, Excuse me, Hello, Good-bye (or So long), I'm sorry, and (some form of) Gesundheit (hey, that's courtesy, too).

We were also taught to listen attentively (without distractions), answer respectfully, and promptly return phone calls (and now e-mails as well)... And when you make a deadline for yourself or agree to someone else's - adhere to it.  Being trustworthy is an absolute NECESSITY to success and a top reputation.  And please, no whining, OK?


It seems that today someone I thought I'd be working with lost the project because no one wanted to continue chasing him.  This works from all sides of any business relationship: client to professional and back to the client and from workman to workman.  Every day I get e-mails from strangers reaching out to introduce me to merchandise, services, salespeople, and even networking groups...and that's all separate from dinners, lunches, parties, open houses and "meet and greet" events.

Let's all do a virtual group hug--or handshake--and remember our earliest lessons from Mom and Dad.   

(A bit short for my usual blog post, but MUCH too long for Twitter or Facebook!!)

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