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(A non-Blago blog post....hmmm)

Shane Inman, ChicagoNow's "Interior Design Savant" posts a quote nearly every day (author of this one, Unknown):
      "When was the last time you heard: 'Get me the cheapest brain surgeon you can find'?"

As SOON as I read it I thought of the constant trickle of questions and favors, names of resources and other advice coming from so many different people in my life - especially recently.  It's pretty easy to field these requests, and I often do because I am comfortable with the questioners and answers don't require research.

But why not be more official with this?  Let's see...  If I can (successfully) choose paint colors for people in Denver or send a link to Seattle for classic 1950's furniture, it becomes a most interesting proposition.



Within a very short time, a Professional Designer can give a range of helpful -even vital--advice.  Even with a limited budget or smaller project, I would still find a qualified Design Professional (yes, a REAL one) and discuss options for consulting advice.  Who knows what response you'll get and how flexible your arrangement can be... There is never an OK time to make mistakes in selections or budgeting by trying this all yourself and, frankly, a Design Pro should save you the cost of their services with extraordinary advice, selections, time-saving and peace of mind.

Check out these services (and, I am sure, MORE) which could be performed in economical time:

     Paint colors
     Furniture layout (if you provide proper info first)
     Lighting/electrical advice
     Product recommendation for contractors, furnishings, room finishes, accessories and art
     Short visits to showrooms or stores
     Placement of art and perhaps installation

Worth considering, isn't it?

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