Design: Now and Tomorrow

"If you want to get something done, ask a busy person."  That's probably one of the best phrases EVER.  Unfortunately, in Interior Design and nearly every tangential part or possible branch of the design/construction tree, almost no one is That busy now. But, there are those of us who are creating a niche or enlarging our professional world, and gathering together to get work done and to learn more about what we can do and offer.


NeoCon (not to be confused with Paul Wolfowitz or Donald Rumsfeld) officially starts Monday at the Mart and its environs.  Designers, architects, local showrooms and (even) River North stores are gathering to create a buzz and take advantage of this option to network and get out the energy of the Interior Design business.  Mostly created for the Contract (commercial) field of office, hospital, commercial design, it's starting to move into the "everyone" arena.   
Some of the Keynote Speakers will be: Matt Petersen, CEO of Global Green USA (as representative and consultant to the various celebrities who have pioneered Green Design), and the new Editor-in-Chief of Architectural Digest, Margret Russell.  Amy Wells, set designer for "Mad Men" will also speak, as will others.  Professional Seminars will be centered on everything from Design for college campuses, law firms and senior living facilities to an introduction to LinkedIn, plus guidance on internet-based Design and new standards for lighting.  Student seminars, parties by various organizations and Chicago tours highlight the week as well.
I'm proud of my industry making new waves and building enthusiasm during an exceedingly hard time for some practitioners and the companies they work with that produce anything from door hardware and carpeting to luxury furniture.

And I am - happily -- assembling a "team" of architect, contractor, tradesmen, vendors and products to produce a very multi-faceted (mid-sized) project in the most straightforward and efficient way possible.  This interesting time in my Designer World has made me Team Captain.  It gives me the opportunity to give my clients an organized, affordable project with trustworthy resources that we won't have to chase and who will complete wonderful spaces of which we can all feel satisfied and excited.

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