LifeSense: Osama Bin Laden Finally Gone & "Mission Accomplished"

Back to Design NEXT Time...but I feel I must honor today and digress (a different side of Claire) today. 

Just a few words: One of the Historic days of our lifetime:  the death of Osama Bin Laden.  Finally, there is some Vindication for New Yorkers and the other victims, if only in spirit.  

Bin Laden was shot in the head during a firefight at a mansion in a highly populated in Pakistani area where no one uniformed would ever have looked.  He was pretty much "hiding in plain sight" and President Obama kept plans for the assault from the Pakistanis. No one knows how many knew of his secret location. NO internet at this home and garbage was burned, not thrown out: two of many "signs".  Obama and US Intelligence were working this action for several months so secretly.  What amazing films of the attack.  Probably the most hated man by Americans since Hitler, we are actually celebrating this death like the end of a war.  Washington is partying near the White House and it's already 2 AM there.

Nice job Navy Seals, President Obama and the USA.  And, also, today was "Shoah Day" in Israel, the day of Holocaust Remembrance.

We will remember where we were when we heard this news tonight (watching the Mets game in a bar in Redmond,OR and reading the News Crawl")!

Terrorism is NOT over globally, nor is Al Qaeda, but we may be able to draw down our military presences.  That could be a wonderful result.  And soon, they will likely disclose photos before the burial...and the Arab countries will officially "react".  Then it will feel completely real.

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