Design Potpourri -- April '11

An assortment of Design Info, Stuff and More:

Here's an ad I'm running this spring that was put together for me by Coast to Coast Publications.  They are using the ad for a local directory!



Keeping up with my post on Prentice Hospital -- designed by Bertrand Goldberg: follow the story in the Chicago Tribune's Letters to the Editor, where there will be a letter from Jonathan Fine, Executive Director at Preservation Chicago.  Architect (and former staff member of Mark T. Golan, Architect, Ltd.), I am thrilled that he is pursuing the situation from a (perhaps) more official platform.


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Starting tomorrow, another GREAT American Architect will be featured on Gilt Home.  Richard Meier is well known for his spare and contemporary, airy buildings (actually, as classic Richard Meier home from the very early 1970's was the center of my senior year project at Northwestern U!).  His beautiful new book and some objects that he has designed will be available online:                                 


It's outside time!  May 1st is THE day to go out and garden. I am proud that my passionate,


but not officially trained, gardening work was recently published in "Beautiful Backyards" magazine in an article discussing and picturing challenging garden conditions (damp and darker for me). 

Pretty soon, it's time start my 35th year of perennial  gardening and I can't wait to be rid of cold and damp!  Make this your year to play in the dirt, try something new: I am planting my 2nd ever herb garden this summer in containers--that's my startup item for 2011.


And, lastly but certainly NOT "leastly", a short note and call to (pretty much) everyone I work with on any repeated basis:
I love you guys.  I will continue to work with you, but you need to be more responsive to  my clients/requests so that they will recognize your superior ability, your integrity, and creativity and understand why I am so loyal.  If business is slow or even sucks, they especially (and rightfully) want you to take care of them promptly and enthusiastically.  That way everyone will be joyful: the client will have a top-notch job, you will have more work and I won't have to nag you or make up reasons for your slow reaction time and will then be able to brag about you even more. Love and xxx. 

If you think it applies to you, it likely does.  If you think it applies to someone you are working with, pass it on to them (even if they have no idea who I am!).





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