What's Wrong With This - (Old) Trend?

A blog topic to love:  Dated Interior Design Trends - OR how to use a trend Ineffectively.   I guess I will have write and focus on trends that endure or return:  like Lucite (acrylic) from the 1920's, then to 1970's and 80's and back again now.

With DEEP respect of James Swan and "101 Things I hate About Your House" (AWEsome FB Fan Page and soon-to-be -released book), as pictured, these DON'T work well!

Pic 1


Accent Walls were HUGE in the 70's and can always be effective.  It's very impactful as an inexpensive way to make a statement. It doesn't work here because there is too much contrast between the white walls and the dark brown.  There should be some more relationship in the value (darkness/lightness) of the colors so that the new color looks less glaring.  Looks a bit like a wild effort to add some interest.  Also, when is the last time you saw faux fur upholstery?  It's funny, huh?  And the light with the drum shade hanging over what?  And the rug is too small.  Throw rugs don't work with huge ottomans.  Oh, can we add another pattern or color to this room, please?

Pic 2


Part of the Southwestern Style of the 80's into 90's was the log look.  Kinda cool in small doses, but this bed belongs in a room 3x this size.   I actually like the cabinets, but you can't see them behind the 4-poster and it would be more fun and have more impact if the bed were different and the detailing in colors could be seen.  And solid metal and vinyl verticals have been gone forever (or so it seems).   BTW:  rug's too small here, too, and the lamps are one step too far into "the look".  Colors are Ok and the spread's not so bad, either, for 20 years ago, and it could likely work in a new setting.

Pic 3



Quintessential late 80's over-accessorized entryway in the Southwestern theme.  I doubt that any of these items is really Indian or Southwestern.  It looks like all of these items were bought to look authentic, but aren't...maybe that ladder-style piece to the right of the table?  The walls are likely not real stucco, and the tile is from that time with a lumpy texture and non-matching DARK grout.  I would hire a great painter to glaze (paint with layers) the brick wall.  It's dark and too busy --esp. with the use of black mortar.  That could be the start of a redo!

Pic 4


LOVE it!  Love the diamond-shaped overlaid mirrors instead of art -passé in groups, but ONE would be nice in a foyer or powder room.  Love the too small and curvy brass-based table.  THAT might be kitschy enough to be "in" again.  Shiny brass is kinda back.  Just not a whole house of the same old stuff...also, the verticals are there, too, and the sofas with all square pillows and no back cushions are DEFINITELY mid-late 80's  (Photo is dated 1986!)

UH OH, I not only remember, but was working then ..... No, they're not my projects.  (hahahahaha)  I like using what's "in", but in smaller doses, mixed with more classic selections. 

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