What's Wrong With This - Bathroom?


Bathrooms to critique.  So very many and so little time!

McMansion Heaven, just overdone design....Is this is for Cinderella's ballroom or a Master Bath?


1.  Lighting is impractical.  The lighting is too general for shaving, make-up.  Lighting should be in front of you.  Not behind or on top of your head (recessed).  Windows are pretty by the vanities, but  where's the mirror?  Or evening light? 
2.  What's the aesthetic focal point?  The floor pattern?  The wallpaper? I like the paintings, but they are confusing in this setting. Yikes.  Too trendy becomes too dated. Perhaps unfortunate, but true.  This is SO 10-15 years ago.  No arguments, please.
3.   I LIKE the towel storge under the tub, but the chests as vanities are prob. not too practical. 


This is just Dated.

1.  Gold framed shower door:  should be frameless or steel or even a curtain in such a small space.
2.  Floor?  Not  SO bad.  Tiles a little bit big, but big tiles means less grout and easier maintenance.
3.  Cabinets:  Too many dark brown cabinets.  Maybe there should be a lighter colored vanity and open shelves above the toilet instead of a looming, dark cabinet.
4.  Counter top: see above.  White? Only if it's recycled.  Or a separate bowl and a remnant of granite/marble/limestone for the top. More FUN.
5.  Shower stall needs new tile. There are zillions of options.  Mercury Mosaics' round tiles?  Love 'em!


This one's fun.  Quite retro, but too pink and very narrow.  50's or early 60's, I'd think.  Maybe replacing the vanity side could save the pink tub and cover where the tile MIGHT end (should technically be under the vanity). Tile counters are big in LA and Southwest, but not most places.  Just time to say "bye".   



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