What About Today's Colors?

What About Today's Colors?

After a decade (yeah, pretty much) of brown and jewel tones (DARK red, blue, green) and beiges and more browns, Color is back!

It was blog topic last Spring and here it is again!  I suppose last year not many of us made changes, so the "newness" of color is being splashed in blogs, web sites, and articles and in showrooms this Spring.  Google "color trends for 2011" and so many stores, manufacturers and writers on taste and style will pop up with their palette. 

Here it is: 
Pastels and grayed light colors have been added to the neutral colors, and its gray AND the beige-y off whites.  For the first time in Many seasons, gray is everywhere.  (Yay).

Brights are here! Call it "Boho" or "Retro", but plums, purples, reds from pinky to orangey, yellow-greens, teals are accent colors in paint and in textiles.  Prints, paisleys and the fun patterns are back for a splash of brightness that you can later change easily when you are ready for new.  But impressive colors are "around" if you are brave enough to paint your powder room, foyer, den a color that's eye-catching and makes a statement. 

Remember my rule:  foyers and powder room s are the spaces everyone sees.  Use those rooms for impact and courage in design!  And, of course, no one spends much time in those rooms, so it won't be oppressive, like a dark or funky-colored living room or bedroom.

Also: charcoal and other darker colors, mixed with lighter tones and non- neutrals are BACK, too...just be careful that your lighting  is OK when there is no sunlight.  AND, dark wall should not be painted with flat paint - scuffs will show more.  Use eggshell.

"Honeysuckle" is the buzzword for the coming seasons.  Hamm.  Great accent, a bit 50's or 60's, works with all colors of wood, as well as a contrast with blue, greenish blue, gray, beige - even raspberry colors.  I have seen this prediction in several places.


  My FB Fan Page has a number of connections to Color Expert resources:  Yolo Colorhouse is great and they are on line.  They have categorized and created complete palettes that you can use for inspiration and pretty much any paint manufacturer you can think of has new color trends on their website.  And by the way, I would consider this photo a bit much in the color category.  Looks a bit fun for a blog post, but could be hard to relax in this space.....




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