Blizzard-ed In? Check out Interior activities!

Stranded?  Nesting?  Can't get anywhere, so let's ponder "interior space"!  


After you read War and Peace (or "In Touch Weekly") and watch some of the Oscar nominees on cable for the next couple of days, here are a few ideas -

First a manageable project for big visual results and a great feeling of accomplishment:
Clear off the surfaces of your dressers, desks, credenzas, buffets and countertops and breathe a happy sigh for your home looking neater and refreshed.  Purge, or if you prefer, just move tchochkes you have to keep from one room and/or surface to another.   Unless you have a big place, or a LOT of clutter, this is not an interminable job and your happiness level will soar.  It's fun to put the photo of the puppy that's been on the Fam. Rm. mantle on the bedroom dresser now.   It's a great "project" to do when you're stranded.   And probably more fun than cleaning out closets.

Next:  look at some of the fun Facebook Pages and their connected web sites to enrich your Design Knowledge and see what's up in the Design Industry.

LOVE much fun and this is not only the (choke, choke), bad stuff, but Jim just posted photos of Bruce Gregga's work.  Bruce Gregga is Chicago's very own Interior Designer Extraordinaire.   He's THE exception to the concern of Chicago designers not being nationally acknowledged.!/pages/James-Swan-and-101-Things-I-Hate-About-Your-House/374081828267

 I sometimes (verbally) advertise that my expertise is largely color and materials, so this is VERY close to my heart....I should think about being more of a specialist, too!!  Fun, informative and current!!!/thepaintedroom

I'm married to an architect....this is great!

 Amazing resource for Design advice and Artists, and all sorts of specialties...

My friend and fellow ChiNow blogger, Shane Inman!/pages/The-Inman-Company/154485121230050

 And the Fan Page for My Idol, John Saladino. Amazing work.

Nope, no HGTV Actors (OOOOPS, I must have slipped while typing) "Designer"s are in this group. 
Happy, happy to do this another time!! Look up their websites.  There are so many wonderful sources and resources that are at our fingertips - literally!  Keep exploring.                                            


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