A Designer's Tale

One day a Client sent an e-mail to her Interior Designer.  The Client was distressed because she felt that the fabric on her sofa wasn't wearing very well.  It wasn't holding up as well as she had hoped, so she asked her Designer/Coach to come over to talk about options...


The Designer remembered that pretty recently she had helped this Client repair some frayed edges on a few of the cushions, asking the manufacturer of the materials and the people doing the repair work to be generous and work out a good deal, because there is only a 1-year warranty on anything! 

The Designer then made some revisions to the detailing and paid for much of the work along with the Client.  Well, the Suppliers also gave the Client very fair prices and helped figure out how to make the alterations. Both Client and Designer were grateful for the long-time relationship the Designer had with these experts and appreciated their expertise and their generosity.  It seemed somewhat obvious that the Client and family were wearing the sofa "hard"; it seemed quite likely that the adorable large, frisky dog was allowed to (jump on and) sit on the furniture.

Well, after spending a while researching files and paid invoices, the Designer confirmed that the original work on the sofa had been done in mid-2006 - nearly 5 years ago and the repair work 2 years ago, so she wrote a thorough e-mail including dates, and asked questions about the dog and the heavy wear, etc. offering to come by soon to talk about possible way to fix things up a bit.

The next day, the Client wrote back and said "OH, I had no idea it was that long ago.  I guess I am not so very disappointed after all" and they then made a date to get together later in March just to see what options might work.

The conclusion of the story (not really a moral):  The Designer performed professionally over many years to help this Client work with her furnishings, often spending more time on items that might need repair or adjustment because of the heavy wear and the adorable dog, but NOT using each opportunity as a profit maker.  In exchange, the Client was respectful and quite attentive, and (in spite of her frustration) accepted that maybe more could be done by her own family to be respectful of their furnishings.

Thank you!  

It was also a good week with others paying good attention to well-thought-out advice which will only make things more gorgeous, but this tale might have a message.....

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