Orange & Blue -- Vintage-y Interior Design for Da Bears Fans

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Nah!!!  I did not design this room completed c. 1970...that's "before my time"...There are a few new urgent updates including improved recessed lights, new sheers, throw pillows and built-in flat screen, but the rest is all of 30 years old. (My real work on this house to be shown sometime later -- and it's upstairs).

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 It was VERY nice of the owner to let me take photos for this Most Important Football in Chicago Week.  And, YES they know why!  With a large TV opposite the seating how much more "Bears-like" can a (Seventies') formal living room be? 





Oh!  Even a Bears' color-coordinated (mostly redone,other than actual 1930's BLUE fixtures and base) Powder Room..

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