Get It Done! MOVE!

OK Everyone!

LET'S GO!!  Do It!!  MOVE!

Most of my posts are more substantive and informational about Interior Design, but at this time, I am more inspired by the general "mood" around me.  When "times" are busy, no one can call back or get anything done because the phone doesn't stop and the e-mails pile up.  Now, it's the opposite and NEARLY (please note that word) everyone is so lethargic and slow that I can't get work done.  So, here we all are:

If you are a client or potential client, or consumer that might be lurking in the wings to start a design or construction project:  DO IT!   We CAN  find contractors, vendors, suppliers, artisans that will JUMP on your project to keep them busy or keep their employees active.  The prices may well reflect slower times, so you will get your money's worth -easily!  
Gather your thoughts and find a Team Leader to assemble the elements of your project.  You can present a budget that you assume/hope is realistic and qualified Designer (like me) or Contractor can to guide you through the components of the project

If you are a "service provider" or sell a product, please make sure that you can get the item for the Client or AT LEAST be realistic about what the lead time will be.  Return my calls and be prepared to finish what you start.  It's a lousy reflection of you and your company if you flake on me and the Client and I will be less likely to call you/recommend you/need you when times are so busy that repeated calls and e-mails no longer fit into my (or their) schedule.  Now it's difficult and annoying, but there will again be a time when I will just not call you or buy your product

'Twas short and not so sweet, but REAL.

Credits:  Title inspired by video of "Move" from Ross Golan & Molehead's "Reagan Baby" album - which (in turn) was jogged back into memory by the State of the Union speech Tuesday night.

Claire Golan & Assoc.                                                  

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