Designed Well & Feeling Better

Pretty nice...a dentist appointment at an office designed to feel "like home", or as much like home as a medical office can be.  Classic, neutral colors, materials, walls and furniture look more like a den at the doctor's house than a waiting room.  Psychologically, that's pretty simple:  if it's not too antiseptic or too much like a "gate" at an airport, that root canal won't seem as scary.  Then, from a Designer's point of view, it's both unique and non-institutional.  I just got to look at this space from both angles and I was happy all around.  It was great to feel less anxious, more "at home".  And, as the Designer, I am proud that the work has no date stamped on it:  Designed by Claire in ???? 

(BTW, I was "Designer" before I was "Patient")


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