Design/Build with a Pro Team

Design/construction projects dragged down or stopped over the Holiday Season.  It is so frustrating (& obvious) because nearly everyone in any profession related to my industry could use a new project and more to do.  But the Customer, Architect & (what I will call) Trade Specialist are tapping their fingers and waiting....

It's now the New Year and maybe it's "reminder time" - again:
Here's how to "get it done" / The Scoop:

Build - or better FIND -- a team that works well together.  Look for a group of Professionals that can get you through a complete building design/construction/interior design project.  Then, and this may distress some readers and some providers of products and services:  IF YOU WANT AN EFFICIENT PROJECT, WORK WITH A TEAM!  TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THE EXPERIENCE "TEAM MEMBERS" HAVE HAD IN WORKING TOGETHER.  They will almost certainly have their own companies, but go with a team that has had success and effectiveness in working together. 
Most of us know SOMEONE in part of this conglomeration of specialists which includes:      

       General contractor
       Interior Designer
       Kitchen/Bath/Cabinet specialist

Also in that essential group are:  Stone/ tile designers and supplier; Painters (and their sub-specialties); Lighting designers/suppliers and other "finish trades" to complete the inside of the shell of your space...
And then the rest: portable furnishings, window coverings, hardwood floors, carpet, rugs, etc., etc, etc. to get the job completed.  If I listed the number of experts that I use (me or any other design professional that does a TRUE "turn-key project") it would add perhaps 20 more --such as: closet design, faux painting, furniture repair, placing and hanging of art, etc.
It's likely that any experienced Architect, Builder or Interior Designer (again, make sure this is a REAL designer who can read plans, design lighting layouts, distinguish one construction product from another, know how to "move" walls or doors skillfully) can put this together.  Everyone on "the team" is a professional and each of my clients deserves the right team member, so I change it up to match the client with the specialists.  Every Manager has more than one player for each position, even if he/she has favorites.


I have done this for--or with--clients (even though they have often already chosen an Architect) for years, and the job is INFINITELY MORE EASILY AND QUICKLY COMPLETED.  You will save time, and probably money.  These professionals have done the comparison shopping for you to whittle down a team.  In years of experience, they will know who works honestly, who puts together a great design/product and whose prices are a good value.  DON'T FORGET THAT COST AND VALUE ARE NOT THE SAME.  So many tradesmen I trust spend a good part of their time fixing inept work...ESPECIALLY now... & if you want to change up the recommended personnel  a bit and work with Mom's "kitchen guy", I am sure your Team Leader will go along with talking to him and shouldn't mind considering a qualified new Team Member.

Have I made my point?

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