What Are You DOING (yourself)?

This will be short!

Here we go again: why work with a REAL interior design professional? 

Someone I know (well)  "went DIY"  for a pair of sofas.  Because I had some input into the materials and the couple had some of their own resources, we discussed it and I agreed to let them work with one of those pesky, elite "To The Trade" guys they had once/originally met before--but through (and with) me. 

Well, all is not perfect, and there is nothing that the vendor (tradesman, fabricator) did wrong.  It's all in the communication and the lack of experience with projects like this and the failure to ask/verify the proper questions.  It will work out and look fine.  Somehow there will be a  financial compromise or a re-do or possibly an acceptance of "it's not exactly what was hoped for". 

I don't think they saved time, and was it worth saving some money?   Well, that's not up to me to decide.  AND, it reinforces why my so many of the "first stringer" manufacturers and suppliers are not readily available to everyone and why we Professional Designers exist.


PS...I have been doing this blogging thing for many months already and I still care about the details.  How about 40 minutes to find this goofy illustration?  It's that "designer thing"  huh? 


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