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A few days ago, I stopped in at Caledonian Antiques (at Tower and Frontage Rds. in Northfield) as they prepare to close their extraordinary showroom.  This location, along with Brian Andrew, their showroom at the Merchandise Mart, has been a premiere source for antiques and top quality reproductions in the Chicago area.  As I walked out, I immediately forwarded photos of items I felt that 2 of my clients shouldn't miss.  Whatever is remaining to be sold can only be of "the best".

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Going there reminded me that summer is a wonderful time to explore some of the best showrooms and dealers in Chicago for sidewalk sales, seasonal sales, and new items "for fall" (although I never really understood that concept in furniture). 

(As I mentioned on my FB Fan Page a bit ago) Golden Triangle is having a Sidewalk Sale this week.  WOW!  First, they are a wonderful resource for Asian furnishings, especially antiques plus European imports.  They sell furniture, rugs, art, even small pouches and beaded items.  Their Riverfront location is large and exceptional and it's an outstanding opportunity to buy from them at wonderfully reduced prices. 


I also "gave a nod" to Sawbridge Studios, who is having a "consolidation sale" both at their location in River North and their shop in Hubbard Woods.  Their specialty is handcrafted new furniture in varied styles in luscious materials.  Beautifully finished, I first saw their work when one of my clients purchased a dining table from them (before they met me!).   In addition to significant furnishings for bedrooms, dining room, etc., they also have books, art, and custom crafted accessory and/or gift items of varied materials.  Again, the largest to the smallest items are represented and coordinate beautifully not just with their own interiors, but other styles as well.

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As I snooped around the area of the Sawbridge store in the 'burbs, I stopped in at Material Possessions on the next block.  Although I would say that they specialize in tableware and accessories for the home (as well as for the person, including jewelry!!), they have an extraordinary selection of furniture items that are perfect for adding customized detail.  Items as large as cocktail table-made of metal and glass -stools, or side tables can be that unique eye-catching item that makes you (and your guests) go "Ooooh" when you walk in.  They also have a second location downtown on N. Wabash, with the same variety and "vibe" of the Green Bay Rd. store.

Between Material Possessions and Sawbridge, is Antique Emporium.  Also a blend of reproductions and antiques, they too had a Mart location (quite a while ago), since I have known them well, they have always sold reproductions and antiques from their Hubbard Woods.  For clients, I have purchased furniture fabricated overseas where perhaps an antique item would be exceptionally costly, or where the size and proportion simply worked better with the custom-made new pieces.

And, one more:  Primitive is also having a sale starting now.  Primitive has a HUGE store in the Fulton River area as well as a warehouse in the Bridgeport neighborhood (open by appt.).  This is another treasure-trove of accent, statement-making items.  Their sale is a Bead and Jewelry Sale (also RIGHT up my alley), but it's the furnishings including rugs and tapestries that make this source exceptional.                                             

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All of these locations will sell to me, as a Designer, but mostly sell to the public.  These are some of the resources that can add the most personal of touches to your home, large or small.  If you love combining styles and ethnicities, you might be able to swing putting all these styles together on your own.   It's much less obscure or odd than you might think.  These items are the details that will make your environment personal.  

Have fun exploring.  Let me know what you find, or who else you find!!  There certainly are MANY more places to "investigate". 









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